I wanted to write about my work experience, which I did this week at Lucy Properties.

Before coming here I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but the experience was the complete opposite. I have learnt a range of skills such as independence and communication and have gained more confidence from this experience. When I heard about this job and before I came here, I thought everyone does the same thing and you just sit behind a computer all day, but that wasn’t true! You have a balanced working lifestyle you are out and about, doing different activities and you don’t get bored! I have been out and viewed many properties in Jericho and Iffley and have learnt how to do inventories, use Tenant Shop and process tenant data. I have met so many people from Lucy Real Estate and have learnt about their sectors such as marketing, finance, maintenance, development and property letting and management. I have gained an understanding of what their role in the company is and the different jobs they do. All the staff at Lucys have been so amazing and helpful, and they have helped me with so much. They have given me so much advice and I have learnt what it feels like to work and have a job.

Lucy Properties gave me such a great opportunity to do work experience and I enjoyed it very much. I have gained so much knowledge and skills in a field that I had no idea about. I have also gained so much experience in this environment and everyone is so nice to be around. I am now thinking about pursuing a career in property!

Manhail, 16, Cheney School