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Below are a few useful suggestions, to help lower your energy bills;

The Energy Saving Trust estimates you’ll save £55 per year by switching off appliances left on standby.

Move any large furniture away from covering the radiators.

You can save on your energy bill just by using your washing machine more carefully. Wash at 30°C instead of higher temperatures and reduce your washing machine use by one run per week for a year.

Because kettles are among the most frequently utilised devices in the kitchen, we frequently boil more water than we need. By not overfilling the kettle, you can save on your energy bills.

Only run your dishwasher when it is full, to reduce the amount of water and energy you use.

Dust behind the fridge-freezer can gather in the coils, so clean these regularly to help it run efficiently. And, if your fridge freezer is pushed tight to the wall, move it out. This increases air flow and improves efficiency.

Regularly clean out the filters on your washing machine and dryer to prevent fluff build-up, which would force your machine to work harder.

Make use of your washing machine and dishwasher’s ‘eco’ setting, if they have one.

Rather than using a radiator to dry your clothes, shut the door, open a window, hang them up on a clothes horse.

Many tenants believe they can’t switch energy providers when renting a property, but if you’re paying the bill yourself, you can! Switching could save you a substantial amount of money.

The following document has some useful steps to take in if a fire were to occur in your home.

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Steps to take in the event of a fire

As part of our mission to make our homes energy efficient, increase tenant comfort, help reduce energy bills and do our bit for the environment, we have created a quick guide to help make the most from your home.

For more information on how to help reduce your energy bills check out the advice on the Energy Saving Trust website here.

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