Over the last 12 months Lucy Real Estate has been making a conscious effort to reduce our wastage and carbon footprint resulting from our administration processes. Our initial efforts included: always using double sided printing, shredding and recycling paper, transitioning to the use of biodegradable wipes for cleaning and moving away from bottled water to mains supplied dispensers. Lucy Real Estate has now also adopted DocuSign to send contracts and rent reviews digitally, replacing huge quantities of paper previously used. Due to this effort it is estimated that we have saved sending between 20,000 and 30,000 sheets of paper over the last 12 months.

Furthermore, the full estimated savings across all parts of carbon footprint reduction that Lucy Real Estate has achieved are seen below:

Lucy Real Estate is committed to continue reducing its impact on the environment with intent to move even more of its paper based administration over to a digital platform in the near future.