In memory of the late Polly Birch (Née Dick), daughter of Lucy’s chairman Richard Dick, Lucy Real Estate is undertaking a £30,000 ecological initiative for their properties.

Polly was a practising veterinary surgeon who cared passionately about the protection of wildlife, particularly bee conservation. She is the inspiration for this initiative, which aims to continue her legacy of care and devotion for wildlife.

Collaborating with Joanna Harrison, an Oxfordshire based Garden Designer, and Westbury Gardens, we have produced a completely ecological driven set of wildlife gardens. We have redesigned various gardens in Juxon Street and Castle Mill House, in Jericho Oxford with more to be completed in the coming months. The gardens include:

·A series of ‘bug hotels’, which contain habitats perfect for all type of insects and other wildlife.

·Crafted log piles to promote nesting and living areas for hedgehogs and other wildlife.

·Hedgehog highways.

·Water features to encourage wildlife.

·Bird & bat boxes.

·Specifically chosen wild meadow seeds.

These features encourage wildlife activity by providing suitable and safe habitats. By promoting an ecological approach within the centre of Oxford, Lucy Real Estate aim to maintain the philosophy Polly lived by, whilst improving the quality of life for the residents and surrounding wildlife.