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Castle Mill House

Castle Mill House, Oxford

£995 per month

Girdlestone Close

Girdlestone Close, Oxford

£1,325 per month

Fettlers House

Fettlers House, Oxford

£2,200 per month

Cowley Road

Cowley Road, Oxford

£3,050 per month

Life with Lucy's

“There was a very easy and straightforward process for getting the flat in the first place, which was a lot easier than when dealing with letting agencies and made everything much less stressful. The time I spent in the property was great – maintenance issues were dealt with quickly and smoothly, and it was great to know I could just get in touch with you and it would get sorted. The property was of a very high standard and had clearly been well designed, finished, and looked after. I would definitely recommend Lucy Properties to anyone searching for a new property.”

A previous tenant of Lucy Properties

Becoming a tenant

Information on the checks we carry out and what happens following these.