Book swap phone boxes and shelves took the UK by storm in 2020 when libraries and shops were closed. Since then they’ve become more and more common, and have proved to be a great way to discover exciting new books.

So many books go to waste every year and book swaps are a brilliant way to combat this. Recycling and reducing surplus is ever important and so the next time you fancy trying a new book, we’d recommend hunting down your local book swap. They’re a great way to dip your toes into a new genre – if you aren’t a fan, the book can go back into the swap for someone else to enjoy!

Our tenants have access to Lucy’s Little Library, which is a book swapping shelf in Jericho. We set this up earlier in the year and it’s been a real hit! Our tenants have really embraced it and there are different titles appearing in it each week.

Happy reading!