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The latest news from Lucy Properties

April 2019

Black Friars Refugee Aid

Lucy Properties have teamed up with BRaid (Black Friars refugee aid), a community sponsored charity, which approached them about the possibility of making a property available to…
April 2019

Lucy Real Estate - Sustainability

At Lucy Properties we are committed to improving the energy efficiency of the properties within our rental portfolio, as well as researching and installing energy efficient and…
April 2019

Wildlife Gardens

New wildlife areas have been created in the gardens of some of the properties managed by Lucy Properties. To encourage insects of all sorts, we have built bug hotels, log and…
February 2019

Lucy Developments – Bricks, Birds and Bats

Swifts The swift is an amber-listed bird of conservation concern in Ireland and Europe, mainly because the recent loss of breeding places. They breed in buildings either at the…
September 2018

Oxford Open Doors – September 2018

Oxford Preservation Trust and the University of Oxford organise the annual Oxford Open Doors event every September. It’s a weekend to celebrate Oxfords places, spaces and most…